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5 Things I wish I did before I had my baby

We all start off with the best intentions … all the fantasizing about long park walks with new baby in the pram, cozy dinners with your friends while baby silently sleeps in a Moses basket in the corner … lol lol lol! Most mamas know that these fantasies shatter the moment the new baba arrives! Heymama chatted to some new mamas and got a list of the things they wish they did before the baby arrived.

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” I didn’t plan any meals for the first month with a new baby”

Things can get really crazy in the first few months! Stock up the fridge with as many freezer casseroles you can possibly make! If you still want to cook, there are great options like Ucook, who deliver three days of fresh ingredients on a Monday ( including chef-designed recipes) and you can choose a low-carb meal plan. The recipes are easy and not very time consuming and a nice way to try out new flavours. This option will cut out going to the shop and deciding on what to make ( keeping it healthy and fresh all the way!)

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“I wish I deep-cleaned my house!”

Okay – being super pregnant is probably not the ideal state for deep cleaning your house, but call in some help to make sure that you are not obsessing about cobwebs when the new baby is there. Remove clutter, throw out whatever you don’t need anymore and get your house ready. Here is a deep-clean checklist to help you start and some tips for deep-cleaning.

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“I totally spaced out on getting a bikini wax”

Take a week and pamper! Get those heels scrubbed and, if it is your thing, go for a bikini wax. Having pretty feet and freshly cut hair will make you feel just a little bit normal in the first few weeks with a new baby. If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can DIY by getting a pretty new nail polish or making a foot scrub at home.

“I wish I waited until my milk came in before I bought nursing bras “

Start off with one nursing bra or comfy nursing tank and buy new ones after your milk comes in as your size might drastically change! This will save you multiple trips to the shops to exchange bras that don’t fit or being stuck with an uncomfortable nursing bra.

Here are some tips on choosing a nursing bra.

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“I wish I made more plans with my husband”

You will be together a lot in the first few weeks of having a new baby in the house … but it will be more like Saving Private Ryan and less like The Notebook. Make a fun checklist of date nights for your last trimester. A list of movies you want to watch, a new restaurant you want to try or even a laid-back braai with board games. Try to avoid baby talk and just enjoy the last few months of being just the two of you. There will be plenty more date nights when baby is there but it will be a while so enjoy the free time! Here are some cute date night ideas for parents to be!

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