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A Family Gap Year

We are all familiar with the infamous GAP year in which High School Matriculants spread their wings and live a little before embarking on their tertiary studies or start working.  It is a year to savour life and travel as much as possible.  What we are not too familiar with is when a family of six decide they are going to sell their beloved house and travel the world for one year.

Courtney Adamo is the co-founder of Babyccino Kids and has been dubbed mom to Britian’s most stylish family by Fenwick.  She is the proud mother of 4 children who are aged between 2 and 9.  They lived in a beautifully renovated, swoon worthy home in leafy North London where their weekends were spent doing family activities and enjoying the beautiful Hampstead Heath.  Sounds perfect doesn’t it?


Well this family has decided to leave this life behind for one year to travel the world and emerge themselves in different cultures.  Inspiring is surely an understatement.   Selling your house in order to finance such an adventure is insane?  A year passes so quickly and then you will have to start over?  But what we fail to see is that each and every one of the Adamo family is going to return after a year richer and fuller.  Their children will have learnt things and experienced things that others only dream of.  They will return after the year and not much will have changed in leafy North London, but they will have had an adventure of a life time.  It really does make you wonder whether investing in experiences is not more important than things.


For as much as we want to experience the amazing things this world has to offer, we are more interested in slowing down our days, enjoying time as a family, being more present, listening, really listening, to each other, and emerging with a happiness and fulfillment that will hopefully influence the rest of our lives. Because life is so short, and our kids grow up too quickly. Because Easton is ten years old, and it won’t be long before he won’t be excited about an adventure like this. Because now is the time. – Courtney

We will be following Courtney and her family closely via her beautiful Instagram feed.


You can read what Courtney wrote about their up and coming adventure here and here.


All the images are from Courtney's Instagram account

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