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We were over the moon when Angie from Lucky Pony agreed to share a little bit of her lovely life with Heymama. Firstly, not only did she reply immediately, but she was super quick to get all the info to me. You know they say: if you need something done, ask the busiest person in the room? Well Angie Batis is living proof that this is true.  She is a mama, wife, photographer, blogger and two times business owner…

Meet Angie

∇  My family… 

is made up of myself, my beautiful husband Shane and my even more beautiful baby girl Nina James.

∇  I juggle… a few things in my life. I co-own a burger joint in Braamfontein called Mr Big Stuff with my husband and his brother Craig. I run a small online social media company called Golden with my business partner Anna-Belle. I’m also a photographer and proud owner of my personal blog Lucky Pony.

∇  My personal style… is pretty laid back. I love jeans, I wear them all the time, in fact my nickname is pants because of this very reason. I hate feeling uncomfortable in what I wear but I’m all for things pretty and girly as long as they go with a pair of denims.

Interview Angie Batis
Angie Batis Interview
Interview Angie Batis

∇  Being married to a musician… is awesome because you get songs written about you 😉

∇  Since becoming a mother… I’ve realised that I want two more kids just like the one I have. I love being a mom and seeing something that I’ve created grow everyday into an amazing little being.

Interview Angie Batis

∇  Nina James… is the sweetest, most gentle little creature. She has none of my colouring except for my brown eyes and people often say that she looks like Shane, but she has a bit of me in her too 🙂 She loves to randomly squeal super loudly at various times of the day and that loudness definitely comes from me. She also loves to dance, as soon as she hears music off she goes. She gets that from the two of us, I could literally put her between two pieces of white bread and eat her when she dances.

∇  I can’t live without… Nina James and Shane.

∇  I am really good at… eating man-sized portions of food. I love food so much!

∇  I am ridiculously bad at… ironing. Every now and then I try to iron something and it literally looks like Ive dragged it behind my car for a good 6 kms.

∇  I won’t be caught dead in… hot pants. No ways!

∇  Must have wardrobe items include… jeans, tanned sandals ( I have lots of those) and Desmond and The Tutus t-shirts 🙂

∇  My home is… a collection of all sorts of things that my husband and I love and have found along our travels. I love our home, it makes me feel happy and safe.

Angie Batis Interview
Angie Batis Interview

∇  Currently obsessed with… St Lucia’s song ‘Dancing On Glass‘.

∇  Not many people know that… I hate peach skin. It literally drives me crazy, even typing those two words out is making me feel weird. jsdhhfsdhfehfkelhglehg.

∇  If I had a do-over… I would go back and invent Facebook.

∇  Life is good… when I’m with my family and all is well.

Angie Batis Interview

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∇   Also have a look at Nina James’ stunning nursery on Apartment Therapy here

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