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Dove chooses beautiful – which door are you?

For a really long time we have wanted to do something about self-esteem and how children today really have their work cut out for them.  They don’t just compare themselves to the 15 girls in their class, but also the odd 500 they follow on social media –  which already portrays a very altered state of reality. Dove has been running a campaign to improve the self-esteem of more than 15 million girls and young women by 2015.

Doves global research shows that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful, and this anxiety begins at an early age. The Dove Self-Esteem Project was founded in 2004 to ensure the next generation of women grows up to be happy and content, free from misconstrued beauty stereotypes and the burden of self-doubt. The Project delivers self-esteem education to children (primarily girls) aged 8-17 years old through lessons in schools, workshops for youth groups, and digitally across a number of channels.

It’s easy to talk the talk about female empowerment and how we are all beautiful – but when Charine showed me this video – I wondered which door I would have chosen? This is so representative of how you perceive yourself but also how you think the world sees you? Would they judge me for walking through the beautiful door? Or is choosing to be average just the easy way out? This made us think about how hard we can be on ourselves … which door would you choose?

Which door are you?

For more tips and useful info on educating and empowering young girls visit the Dove Self-Esteem Project website.

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