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Flower Crown

I can not think of something more whimsical than a handmade flower crown.  Perfect for birthdays, baby showers and kitchen teas.  If you have a group of DIY friends you might even make an evening of it! Get together for some wine, good conversation, flower crown making…and some more wine!

You will need:


Thick florist wire (base of the crown – I used 1.25mm)

Thin florist wire (to secure flowers – I used 0.55mm)

Floral tape

Flowers and greens of your choice (I used baby’s breath)

You will find all of these at your local florist (I found mine at Bunches for Africa)




Use your thick florist wire and form it into a circular shape.  Test the size on

your head.  Secure with thin florist wire and cover with the floral tape.



Group the flowers and greens into  bunches and secure with a small piece

of thin florist wire.  Cover the wire and stems with floral tape.



Start attaching your bunches to your circular wire using a small piece of thin

florist wire and cover with floral tape.

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