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Kiddies Book Author | Elena Nelson

I was taught to always use another word than “nice”.  A very clever woman once said that a cup of tea was nice, even an old lady, but that she was pleasant.  To introduce Elena I will have to break the rules and refer to her as the nicest person I know.  There is seriously not s better suited word!  She is annoyingly nice, kind-hearted and passionate and has recently added the title of author to her repertoire.

∇  My family…

shares humanist values and beliefs. We strive to create an environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity. Where everyone feels they may be their true self.

∇  My career…

I have previously worked in the film industry but I am currently holding the title as a children’s book author and I am quite pleased with that.

Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

∇  My home…

is colourful, odd and warm.

∇  Writing is…

my quiet place, it calms the noise.

∇  My heart skips a beat…

when I am surrounded by brave men and women who are currently fighting racism, sexism, LGBT rights and equality in education.

∇  My most valuable lesson…

is a quote from Geneen Roth:

“Staying requires being curious about who you actually are when you don’t take yourself to be a collection of memories. When you don’t infer your existence form replaying what happened to you, when you don’t take yourself to be the girl your mother/father/brother/teacher/lover didn’t see or adore. When you sense yourself directly, immediately, right now, without preconception, who are you?” 

― Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

Elena Nelson - Heymamamag
Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

∇  Happiness is…

knowing Emma is happy , working in the garden with my family and being surrounded by books and good music.

Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

∇  Job satisfactions is…

knowing I have inspired someone.

∇  I am ridiculously good at…

making mix cd’s.

∇  If I had a do-over…

I would care less of what people think of me much earlier in my life.

∇  Since becoming a mother…

to a girl I have become a better feminist.

∇  Not many people know…

my spirit animal is a sloth.

I am Alex

Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

I am Alex is available in English and Afrikaans and is scheduled for release end April.  You can order your copy fro Print Matters for R135 (including packaging and registered post and in all good bookshops from 1 May at R149, including VAT.


Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

Elena Nelson – Heymamamag

Elena Nelson - Heymamamag
Elena Nelson - Heymamamag

Author: Elena Nelson

Illustrator: Adrie le Roux

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