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The reality of screen time

Everyone has an opinion about screen time.  If you don’t have children, or if your child is still too young for you to really be affected by it, you tend to be very verbal about what you believe you will allow your child.

∇  Peer Pressure

Many people say it is the reality and their children will be exposed from a early age so they know how to use technology. To those I say, HA, my son is almost two, has never been allowed to play games on a phone but still does a better job of operating it than I do…. insane! The other end of the spectrum don’t allow screen time and feel adamant that they will restrict it until their children are in high school.  But what about the peer pressure their child will face?  When all their friends have phones and can communicate to organise get togethers, what will they do?

∇  What does the stats say?

According to Common Sense Media, Tweens log 4 1/2 hours of screen time a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. For teens, it’s even higher: nearly seven hours a day. And that doesn’t include time spent using devices for school or in school.

Regardless of whether you are pro screen time or not, this documentary is a must see for all parents who want to be able to manage screen time for the benefit of their children. It is not about going back in time, the digital age is here and it will only get worse, it is about teaching our children how to live functional, happy lives within the digital madness.



Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age’ is a documentary that explores how much screen time is healthy. Physician and mother of two Dr. Delaney Ruston became interested in this issue when her preteen started begging for a smart phone. Dr. Ruston saw other parents equally confused on how to balance technology with a young developing mind.  She decided to delve deep into the science behind screen time to understand how it affects young people’s minds and development.

Through personal stories and input from leading researchers, SCREENAGERS sheds light on the impact this screen time is having on kids. The documentary explores how learning, playing and socializing online affects teens’ developing attention span, fragile self-esteem and moral instincts. SCREENAGERS examines the real risks of failing in school, social isolation and digital addiction. Ultimately, the film explores solutions to handle screen time and provides parents with tools to help young people develop self-control and find balance in their digital lives.

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