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Lilac Photography’s Lize Mostert

There are not many people that are as wonderfully pleasant and kind as they are talented. Lize Mostert is one of these rare specimens.  She is the talented photographer behind Lilac Photography, a doting mother, loving wife, caring friend and overall feel good person. We chatted to her.

∇  My family…

is my everything. From my closest family to aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids. It might be the little Italian blood I have! Family life(as the mother!) is not what I’ve imagined it to be, but I had the very best example growing up, so I have very high standards and my mom made it look so easy! Hats off to my mom, because it is definitely not easy, but oh so rewarding!

∇  My profession…

is a dream come true. I dreamt about being a photographer since schooldays, but I studied BA Language and Culture and did a PostGrad teaching certificate and spent 8 years of my working life as an Afrikaans and English teacher. Finally, with the birth of our little girl,  we took the plunge and I started doing photography full time (instead of just doing it during weekends). It is extremely rewarding and even though I miss my pupils and colleagues, I know I am in the right place! Work just doesn’t feel like work – lucky right? My profession is extremely popular these days and many photographers pop up over night it seems, but it keeps me grounded and inspired to be better with every single shoot.

Lilac Photography - Heymama

∇  My husband…

is simply the best out there. He is by my side every single Saturday and my Lilac partner in crime even though he has his own stressful corporate job to cope with during the week. He is such a great father to our little girl, Liela. I love watching the two of them together, wow, she is blessed! He is my bestest of best friends and I love spending all my free time with him – even if it is just to sit next to each other at our computers working! He is an excellent, creative cook and also my absolute favourite barista.

Lilac Photography - Heymama
Lilac Photography - Heymama

∇  My biggest leap of faith…

was when I quit teaching to become a full time photographer. I could never have imagined life being so busy! Sometimes I have 4 or 5 shoots a week, plus a wedding! I feel so blessed, because it has been one and a half year and absolute no looking back.

∇  Job satisfaction is…

capturing a perfect fleeting moment of tender emotion. Making a client see how beautiful they are. Blessings clients with eternal memories the best we can.

∇  Since becoming a mother…

I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I am definitely more of a relaxed mother, hehe, Leo is the total helicopter dad! Also, my priorities have changed. Most mothers will tell you the same: they are last on their own list of priorities. I catch myself rethinking things I say and how I act and I’m looking inward more in order to be the very best mom I can be. I’m also just figuring things out as I go.

∇  My daughters name…

is Daniela Elizabeth. Daniela is from Daniël (“God is my judge”) , Leo’s father’s name and Elizabeth(“Oath of God”) is my mother and my name. We call her Liela (a pet name my mom had for me as a child).

Lilac Photography - Heymama
Lilac Photography - Heymama

∇  Liela…

is a crazy beautiful mix of Leo and I. She is a fearless little monkey (broke her arm even before she was 1.6 years old!), loves company, “uitstappies”, shoes, animals, books and talking. She is the most precious human being I’ve ever known and already knows how to push buttons and boundaries!

∇  My biggest fear as a mother…

is that life will come in the way of me and Leo seeing Liela grow up, have a career, get married, etc. I also catch myself looking at her and praying for her safety. We do, unfortunately, live in a beautiful world with a few cruel inhabitants and I want her to be protected from them as long as possible. Forever, if possible!

∇  If I could compare my daughter to a piece of art it would be…

impossible! I would prefer it to be a painting, though…it’s one of my favourite types of art! Something real, raw and honest, but piercingly beautiful. If it makes sense?

∇  I can’t live without…

my family, my faith, coffee and cheese.

Lilac Photography - Heymama
Lilac Photography - Heymama
Lilac Photography - Heymama
Lilac Photography - Heymama

∇  I am really good at…

interrupting my husband’s Youtube video’s to ask him what I’m good at! Haha! I am good at adapting to and making the best of any situation. I try to focus on being positive, there are way too many negative things around. … being creative.

∇  I am ridiculously bad at…

ironing. I gave up ironing Leo’s shirts during the first week of marriage. I am also bad at doing nothing, according to my husband 🙂

∇  My home…

is old, but brand new for us! We decided to buy an old house with lots of character – wooden floors and gorgeous porch! We are renovating piece by piece and I love it!

∇  Currently obsessed with…

renovating our house!

∇  Not many people know…

that I’m working on a R100 Gumtree desk – I will be chalk painting it soon! And I work 16 hour days and still feel I don’t have enough time. Oh, and I haven’t had a longer than two hour sleep in 20 months 🙂

∇  If I had a do-over…

I would have traveled more before having Liela. I might have taken the full time photography plunge sooner, but on the other hand, I do believe things happen for a reason, so nope, no do-overs for me!

∇  Life is good when…

I sit on the porch in Vleesbaai or at our new home, with a G&T or cappuccino and the people I love.

✚  To contact Lize or have a look at her beautiful portfolio visit Lilac Photography HERE!

Lilac Photography - Heymama

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  • Reply Anonymous March 15, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Daai enetjie in Ingels was my comment. Welldone Lize-lief. Ilze

  • Reply Anonymous March 15, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful article on Lize and Leo and Liela, of Lilac photography..so absolutely proud of them.

  • Reply Anonymous March 15, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    Jou Doring! Jy mag maar fotos neem. Kyk baie na jou wonderlike fotos van Bernia en Ali se troue…julle het dit soooo spesiaal gemaak!DANKIE!!!

  • Reply Bettie Roelofse March 15, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Baie trots op Lilac Photography!

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