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Motherhood / Lize de Jongh

Heymama was lucky enough to collaborate with the talented Nicola Bester to shoot new age mama, Lize de Jongh, and her beautiful baby girl, Sophia.  We asked this first time mommy a few questions about her new found love – motherhood.

∇  Tell us about your family.

We are a family of three (for now). We love the outdoors. We live for each other and also for weekends. We love real food. We both work 8-5, so we love and appreciate our nanny who plays a massive role in our lives.

∇  How has life changed since becoming a mother?

Lots have changed…definitely for the better! I make better choices. Ironically, I am now on time, most of the time. I have learnt to plan ahead and to be present. We have also made a few healthy adjustments in our home: I have given away our microwave and we do not watch TV anymore.

∇  What is the best or most useful mothering advice your received?

Follow your gut. I believe God put that little voice inside us as a compass to help us when we need to make difficult decisions or be alert. My gut has never failed me!

∇  What advice would you give a mother expecting her first baby?

Empower yourself with information and then trust your body and also yourself to make the right choices. And maybe hire a doula…our doula has been an invaluable source of information, guidance and support for us.

∇  How would you like your daughter to describe you when she grows up?

Grounded in our Creator, informed, free and that I love her unconditionally.


⊕  Favourite children’s clothing brand:  Cotton On Kids

⊕  Favourite beauty product:  Homemade honey, olive oil and brown sugar facial scrub.

⊕  Favourite family outing:  A picnic

⊕  What’s at the top of your wish list: To be my own boss and have my own time so I can have the 4 children I am dreaming of! 

+ Photography: Nicola Bester Photography
+ Hair and Makeup: Jani de Ridder
+ Location: Kruger residence

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    Beautiful photographs! Nicola did our family shoot a couple of years ago – she is definitely one of my favourite photographers!

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