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Newborn Rituals from around the world

We all have our small traditions that we love and it sometimes evolve into becoming a family tradition, being passed on for generations. Maybe incorporate some of these interesting traditions from all over the world into your newborn-experience?

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Ancient Balinese belief is that baby’s souls are pure and if the feet touch the ground during the first three months of its life it can become possessed by evil spirits. This means that for the first three months, the baby is constantly carried around. After three months passed, the family hosts a ceremony called Oton. A priest then bless the child and introduce him into the world as a whole person.


Iranian new mothers are on ten complete days of bed rest after giving birth. During this time, her mother helps out with the newborn and chores around the house. The new mom eats a dish called Kachi, made up from flour, butter, sugar, saffron and other spices. It’s cooked for the woman in the first 10 days and it’s supposed to provide energy to heal quickly.

Just like in South Africa, grandmothers are rock stars in Nigeria! A newborn is given its first bath by one or both of its grandmothers. This is their way of welcoming a new child into their family.


 In South Korea, new mothers are fed miyuk gook, a seaweed soup, shortly after giving birth and will continue to eat it for the following weeks after. The nutrients in the seaweed help cleanse the blood after childbirth and the soup is also given to the children every year on their birthday as a reminder of their birth.

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