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Pastries, Babies and Travels | Lizanne Olivier

The beautiful and talented Lizanne Olivier took time out from running their family business, Oskars, to answer a few questions about juggling motherhood while still doing what she loves.  Inspiring!

∇  Tell us about your family

We are a family of 4 including a 4 year old Staffie, Jackson. We love spending time together at home, markets, beach, mountain and travelling the world. Our daughter Maria is a year and a half old.

∇  Besides being a mother, what do you do?

I work for the family restaurant in Hermanus, Oskars, as a manager, barista and chef. Oskars is a family business we started 7 years ago. I am currently working on a baby food brand. I also do volunteer therapy for children in need. I yoga and walk in the mountain when I have a free moment.

∇  What inspires you?

Traveling inspires me, especially Hindu / Buddhist countries/destinations. The people are so kind, friendly, loving, caring and they show you how to be happy with what you have and enjoy life on a daily basis. Cooking inspires me, there are so many amazing food combinations and tastes….its endless really. Being outdoors inspires me to grow and to be the best I can be, cherish where we live and how beautiful South Africa is.

∇  How has life changed since becoming a mother (good and bad)?

Pregnancy is life changing. Life is a lot more healthy in terms of eating habits as well as lifestyle. For the first time ever I feel completely fulfilled and content. I feel satisfied and entertained all the time. Maria is silly, confident, daring and super entertaining. Maria is not a great sleeper and being a breast baby I need to always be there. Ive been on many holidays with her but its not the same, relaxing and me time is out of the question. We just returned from Vietnam, when you climb a mountain to visit a temple, you have to cary 12kg, when you swim you have to hold 12kg, when you try and tan you must get up and run after a busy body. Life is not about you anymore, but it doesn’t matter.

∇  What is the best or most useful mothering advice you received?

The best advice I followed is not to raise her as a first born, not to be a paranoid parent, not to wash and sterilise everything and not to let her sleep in bed with us. Don’t listen to everything Dr Google says, do what works for you and your baby. Keep it instinctive and natural.

∇  What is the story behind your daughters name?

Olivia-Maria Olivier
Maria is a family name. Olivia is a name we liked. Olivia-Maria means star from the ocean which is beautiful and so appropriate with a father who lives for the ocean. She would’ve been Olivia but when we met her she had just to much character and “drama” to not be a Maria. The reason why Maria is second is because of her initials rather being “OMO” and not “MOO”.
 ∇  Do you have any advice on juggling motherhood and marriage?

I think one must respect the order in which you were born relative to your siblings, as well as beliefs of raising children. To really support each other and acknowledge what the other one does best. I would say to not let a baby sleep in your bed or room. To be relaxed, natural and let the child fit in with your lifestyle.

∇  What advice would you give a mother expecting her first baby?

Embrace your pregnancy and start to be the best mother for your future child. Be healthy, exercise mentally and physically. Sleep as much as you can. Love yourself and your body. Trust in yourself and compliment yourself for doing the amazing wonder of carrying a baby inside you. IT IS MAGIC.


⊕  Where else in the world would you want to live:  Kruger National Park or Ubud  (Indonesia)
⊕  Favourite family meal:  Venison fillet burgers with slow roasted tomatoes, aioli and rocket.
⊕  Favourite children’s clothing brand:  Countryroad / Cotton on
⊕  Favourite children’s book:  Matilda
⊕  Favourite beauty product:  L’OCCITANE  almond shower oil.
⊕  Favourite family outing:  Camping in the Cederberg
⊕  What’s at the top of your wish list:  A relaxing holiday in the Transkei with my family.

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