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pre-primary wars

Choosing a pre-school or play school for your child is not a decision you should take lightly. Like most important decision in life, you should apply yourself, looking in relevant places and asking the right questions.  Referrals from friends are usually a good place to start as people are not likely to refer a service they are not completely happy with.  Alternatively, you could make use of the internet to find suitable candidates in your area.

Once you have your candidates you can narrow them done by looking at the following factors:

Day options (2,3,5 days a week)



Travelling distance


Whether there is a waiting list for admission

Once you have decided on a few candidates you can make an appointment to view each.  At your viewing you should keep an eye on whether:

The premises is clean and sanitary.

The area is enclosed and the outside area is large enough to encourage play and gross motor development.

Inside the premises is tidy and there is age appropriate toys and learning materials.

The bathrooms are neatly kept and pleasant to encourage the little ones to use it.

A few questions to ask:

What is the teacher child ratio?

What is the pre-schools philosophy/What curriculum do they follow?

What meals/snacks are provided?

What does a typical day look like?

Are there any extra curricular activities, what days and whether there are additional costs

What if my child still wears diapers?



At the end of the day it will come down to your gut feeling.  Every mom has a sixth sense when it comes to their children and their well-being.  Follow it!

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