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Real Room: Aidan’s Scandi Abode

We are so in love with the wonderful blend of modern and sentiment depicted in this beautiful nursery. Lana Marais was so kind to tell us more about this beautiful space she and husband Albertus created for their little boy, Aidan.

Aiden's Room Heymama

1 Tell us about the inspiration for the room – what inspired you?

I wanted to create a space where we can have fun but also functional. I’ve always loved the mix of bold colours and raw elements …. and after a lot of Pinteresting I managed to create a picture of what i have in mind for little Aidan. 


2 Name some of your favourite décor styles / influences?

After traveling to Norway, Sweden & Denmark with my very dear friend, Christine (who also happens to be the amazingly talented photographer featured here!) I fell in love with the Scandinavian design style – the use of natural materials, a mixture of textures, pops of colours and clean lines.

3 Any tips for managing the budget when it comes to decorating  a nursery.

It’s hard! Haha! However when buying furniture make sure you buy pieces that you can use post the baby days, things can move into a toddler room or even into your home at a later stage. For instance we bought an ordinary chest of drawers from IKEA instead of a baby compactum. Also, no need to buy everything ‘baby’ as that tends to be a lot more expensive. I bought standard single bed bedding and just trimmed it to size (a fraction of the price of custom made crib bedding). Best of all, make use of the talented people around you! 


4 What pieces in the nursery would you say are your favourites?

I just love the rocket, bought it at the most amazing little market in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in 2013 and just knew this will be in our nursery someday. Other pieces i adore are the ‘cheeks; pillow that his granny made and animal frames done by my very talented cousin, Riette.

5 How would you describe the aesthetic of your house and taste?

Bold colours, clean lines, raw natural elements, minimalism and functional.


6 We love the pillows on the bed – where did you find it?

All handmade by Aidan’s very talented Granny – you should see the blankies she made!!


7 We love the walls and the cute black and white prints – tell us more?

I saw these animal prints on Pinterest and just loved them but couldn’t find anything similar locally. Luckily I have a very talented cousin who then hand painted these for us, absolutely love them.


8 Mothers often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to a nursery – now that baby Aiden is born – what would you change in the nursery? Does everything have a purpose or did all work out.

I tried to stick to the basics and where i could use things that can be re–used in other places in our home at a later stage. We’ve kept it clean and simple, making sure everything has a purpose (except the rocket of course!)

9 Motherhood is all about creating a safe environment for you  baba – tell us about your experience of motherhood so far.

It’s the most magical feeling you just can’t describe! I’m sooooo in love with our little man.

10When would you say is the right time to start decorating the nursery?

The sooner the better, it is such an exciting part of the journey and so special creating the perfect place for your little kiddo. I would say start doing your research and decide on the style/look in your first trimester, start ordering furniture etc in your second trimester (these things tend to take a little longer than you think) and do the finer detail like painting, curtains etc in your third trimester … finishing touches during fourth and you’re ready for your kiddo to arrive!

Quickfire Questions:



heart_love_favorite_circle-512 Favourite décor brand: Country Road Home


heart_love_favorite_circle-512 Favourite Shop in SA: Kids Living


heart_love_favorite_circle-512 Favourite Online shop in SA: Yuppiechef


heart_love_favorite_circle-512 Design Philosophy:
‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ ~ Leonardo da Vinci 


heart_love_favorite_circle-512 Favourite website: Pinterest of course!



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    […] I have been honoured to have Aidan’s room and my lovely friend Lana featured on Hey Mama. […]

  • Reply Christine le Roux Photography – Hey Mama’s Scandi nursery May 14, 2015 at 10:53 am

    […] I have been honoured to have Aidan’s room and my lovely friend Lana featured on Hey Mama. […]

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