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Review – Fancypants Cloth Nappies

As you know we pride ourselves in really testing when we review.  If we love it we share it!  Before the birth of my first son I wanted to use cloth nappies as an alternative to disposable nappies.  My mother gifted me a starter pack for babies up to 7kg (from another brand where you have to continuously upgrade as your baby grows). I never used it!  I was SO overwhelmed with this tiny person and the amount and frequency of the poop!  When I finally settled into my new role and wanted to try the nappies, they were too small.


Fast forward to the era of Fancypants – that cater for babies from birth onwards.  I tried a fancypants cloth nappy, but one nappy can hardly have me reviewing whether or not this a realistic alternative to disposable diapers. So we asked Jani Kruger, mama of the dashingly handsome little Hanko, to tell us about her experience using Fancypants nappies.

Jani and Hanko


Before our baby, Hanko, was born I was so excited about the idea of washable nappies. Would it not be amazing to one day tell your child that he or she contributed to less pollution than normal statistics?


Fancypants was easy to contact and very helpful. I received great service and guidance even before Hanko was born. I tried the first nappy at 6 weeks, but he looked uncomfortable, as the nappies were bulky on his small little body. On top of that…I could not imagine washing the “every-nappy-breastfed-poo-nappy.”


At about 5 months I started using these environmental nappies every once in a while and even more frequently as he grew older. They look fabulous. The colours are bright and soft. The nappies fit wonderfully and are snug around the tummy and legs. It is very easy to insert the inners although I would add that using two inners to the nappy makes the nappy quite big and elevates his bottom when on lies on his back. One inner seemed to work just fine to keep urine from leaking for quite a while.



My little boy drinks a lot at night…I mean sometimes up to 6 feedings…thus he also wets himself constantly. At around about 2 am I need to change his diaper. Even the most expensive disposable diapers cannot seem to hold his load at night. If we have a heavy-breast milk-drinking night the Fancypants nappies, like the disposable nappies, will start to leak at that stage. To determine whether the nappy is full you have to take it off as it is difficult to feel from the outside due to the lovely colourful covers.


At first I thought they were expensive as you need about 12 in order to comfortably use them and not wash more than once a day. But when doing my calculations and remembering that they will be wearing them for well over a year, it all makes sense. I also found that the plastic bags we use in the disposable diaper bin are expensive!

Keeping them clean...

Washing is not tricky…I place the used nappies in a plastic bin, seal the lid and wait for washing day. They do take a while to dry, making winter months more challenging. Fancypants also sells Soapnuts which is used as an alternative to normal washing detergent, 100% natural and very affordable.  They advise you to rather only use the Soapnuts to keep the nappies from smelling.  Soapnuts work so well that nappies can be washed with your babies clothes using just the Soapnuts. This means no extra loads of washing required. If there are poo nappies in the washer then I usually put the machine on an extra rinse. As soon as Hanko starts to make more solid stool, I will use the flushable thin liners that they provide, but with the soft stool I did not use them.


Most of my friends asked me if the fabric does not harden. It doesn’t. We have not had a nappy rash since he was born and I have been using both disposables and washable nappies.


The best thing about these nappies is the fact that they are eco-wise and contribute to a sustainable way of living. They look gorgeous too!



heart-iconFancypants diapers are available in an array of colours and as singles or in hampers. For more info and pricing – have a look here.

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