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Second generation besties

Nadia and Lana are best friends and have been lucky enough to experience pregnancy together.  They spoke to us about this special journey and how they are now raising two beautiful daughters who will probably share this magical friendship…if they had their way.


∇  Tell us about your family

On 22 August 2015 our family went from a family of three to a family of four. I work for Beaumont Family Wines in Botriver. My husband Lucien is a specialist safari guide and wildlife photographer. Vomba is our 8month old ridgeback, and the latest most wonderful addition is our daughter Charley HopeWe love living out in the countryside where we enjoy being close to nature.

∇  How has life changed since becoming a mother?

How has life not changed…I am a mother now! I have to plan things…and have a bag with me all the time with nappies and wipes. My time is not mine anymore and I am responsible for another human’s life! I can go on and on, but I would never want to change a thing, I feel super blessed to be the mother of a healthy child.

∇  Tell us about your daughters name

Charley Hope –

We were road-tripping through Botswana, (long before I was pregnant ) and to keep ourselves entertained we played “the name game”…when Lucien said, how about Charley for a girl one day…and I loved it! Hope Marguerite was Charley’s late great grandmother, and my name Nadia also means Hope.


∇  Tell us about your family

My husband and I recently moved from Tamberskloof in Cape Town to Zevenwacht in the Northern Suburbs. In August we became proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Gia!  I’m a pre-school teacher and Marthinus works as a Sales Manager in the bicycle industry.

∇  How has life changed since becoming a mother?

How has life changed or how has life NOT changed? Where do I start?! haha! Literally everything has changed, not in a bad way at all,  but everything now has to be planned ahead. Like going for a run or going to buy milk and bread.  If we go away for the weekend the car looks like we are going on a month long vacation. Babies have so much…stuff. In the first month, I remember taking a shower was the only ‘me time’ I had in a day. Luckily things get easier and I can now take a bath. Haha jokes.

∇  Tell us about your daughters name

Gia –
Before my 13 week scan I was extremely nervous.  After having a miscarriage I was worried that something would go wrong again. I knew the name Gia meant God’s gracious gift and decided that if it was a girl she would be Gia, because that’s exactly what she is – grace from God.

∇  Motherhood in three words:

 Crazy, Beautiful, Love

∇  What has been your biggest rookie mistake since becoming a mother?

Changing the nappy once, (in the beginning) without IMMEDIATELY having the next one ready. Charley basically projectile poo’ed ALL OVER Lucien and I.

∇  What would the first story be you tell Gia about her mother.

I could tell Gia a billion stories about her mother and all the adventures we have had together. We met in 2004 at Mercury Live and I will tell Gia the story about that night…

∇  How would you describe Lana as a mother.

Lana is the most wonderful, loving, natural, super mama! I am so grateful that my best friend is going through similar experiences and we can share and help each other through any challenges that may face us.

∇  Motherhood in three words:

Emotional, Special, Crazy

∇  What has been your biggest rookie mistake since becoming a mother?

Never leave the house without your dummy! I’m sure Nadia shares this experience.

∇  What would the first story be you tell Charley about her mother?

I will tell her all about the crazy adventures and holidays we shared. Especially during the time we were roommates in London . I will also tell her all about our pregnancy together and how special it was.

∇  How would you describe Nadia as a mother.

Nadia is an awesome mom to baby Charley! She is so calm. I admire that about her. She never panics. Me on the other hand will get nervous even if Charley starts screaming! She will confirm this!


∇  Best Advice: figure things out for yourself, don’t listen to to many opinions as every mother’s experiences are different.

∇  Worst advice: being told in hospital that I would struggle to breast-feed and was encouraged to use a nipple shield instead of being helped to breast-feed correctly. Today I breast-feed very successfully without a nipple shield.

Your top 7 new mama tips:


  1.  Reggae music
  2. Tissue Salts for cramps
  3. Rescue remedy to calm your baby
  4. Pigeon breast pads
  5. Manual breast pump (Avent)
  6. ALWAYS stay calm, your baby can tell if your energy is not calm.
  7. Husband that can cook


∇  Best advice: day by day! Each day is different and it’s best to take each day as it comes.

∇  Worst advice: to not give my child a dummy (pacifier)

Your top 7 new mama tips:


  1. Clicks and Game vests ( George from Asda brand)
  2. Purity stain removal stick
  3. Woolworths seamless nursing bra’s
  4. Woolworths massage oil
  5. Jungle juice ( for the first few weeks)
  6. Wrap! Wrap that crying baby!!
  7. Day by Day

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  • Reply Sanet Burger November 26, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    Lana is my kind en Nadia het van die eerste dag wat ek haar ontmoet het ‘n baie spesiale plek in my hart. So vir my is dit so ‘n blessing om deel van hulle hele ondervinding van ma-wees te wees! Ek wens vir hulle twee nog wonderlike tye saam met hierdie twee pragtige dogters en ek hoop dat hulle elke oomblik sal geniet en koester want dis so spesiaal!

  • Reply Chantelle Van Zyl Mostert November 25, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Dis so spesiaal en so n voorreg om saam n beste vriendin so n blessing van bo te kan deel,ek wens nog duisende …ongelooflikke mooi dae saam wat jul vir die mooi blommetjies kan vertel, dis baie mense se wens om so n vriendskap te kan deel geniet elke oomblik jul word bemin!!

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