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Mother’s Day Top 5 songs about Mamas

Mothers have been celebrated across all art platforms – but today we look at 5 amazing songs about mothers and their children.

Mama - Spice Girls

This song gets me every time! Mama” was written by the Spice Girls with songwriting partners Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard. In an interview about the writing process between the group and the duo, Rowe credits Melanie Brown as the one who came up with the song’s concept. During the writing process, each member wrote a small verse in a different corner of the recording studio, while the chorus was finished around the piano with a guitar.

“We wrote ‘Mama’ when I was going through a bad phase with my mum. The sentiments are really that your mum’s probably the best friend that you’ve got. Whether she’s an over-protective mother or a bit of a landmine, she probably knows you better than yourself in some ways.” -Melanie Chisholm

Mother - Tori Amos

Alternative favourite Tori Amos was raped when she was younger. Anyone who listens to her chilling song, “Me And A Gun,” off her Little Earthquakes album knows that and Amos has been honest about her assault for years. Mother, also from Little Earthquakes, always leaves me in tears.

Mama likes the Roses - Elvis Presley

“When I hear the Sunday bells ringing in the morning / I remember crying when she used to sing / Oh, Mama liked the roses but most of all she cared / About the way we learned to live and if we said our prayers.”

Elvis had a premonition on the night his mother died, when he became agitated and convinced that something was wrong. Gladys Love Presley succumbed to a heart attack on August 14, 1958. ” She’s all I ever lived for. She was always my best girl”, he said.

Dear Mama

“And there’s no way I can pay you back / But my plan is to show you that I understand you are appreciated / Lady, don’tcha know we love ya? Sweet lady / And dear mama place no one above ya, sweet lady.”

Tupac Amaru Shakur’s life had a very different beginning. In 1970, his mother, Afeni Shakur, was arrested along with 20 other New York Black Panther Party activists on bombing charges. Afeni Shakur, serving as her own defense lawyer, still won acquittal in the spring of 1971, a minor miracle. A month after her release, her son was born. She named him Tupac Amaru after an 18th-century Peruvian indigenous activist who had led an uprising against Spanish conquistadors.

The Best Day - Taylor Swift

“There is a video I found from back when I was three / You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you’re talking to me / It’s the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs / And Daddy’s smart and you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.”

What’s your favourite mama song?


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