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Travelling with Zoie from Kid & Coe

If you have travelled with children you will now that it is not a walk in the park.  Kids can be unpredictable.  If you are planning on travelling abroad you might be wondering whether the long flight and confined hotel room is really worth it.  Zoie, founder of Kid & Coe, has taken travelling with children to a whole new level!

 1Tell us about your family.

My husband and I have two children, Luca, who is 7.5, and India Rose, who is 4.  We call NYC home but spend our summers in London, where my husband is from, and Ibiza, where we have been returning to for the last 15 years.

 2Besides being a mother, what do you do?

I’m the founder of Kid & Coe (www.kidandcoe.com), a family vacation rental platform with properties all over the world, all chosen for their child-friendliness.  I can also be found on a dance floor or enjoying wine and great food with my friends. I’m a real music fan and love going out.

3 We Love Kid & Coe! Tell us what a day at the office looks like for you.

Oh thank you so much! We love it too, it’s a real labour of love for all involved.  There really is no typical day in the office at Kid & Coe. We are a relatively small start up so there is always plenty to do.

I usually start the day reading my emails before the kids get up. I give them breakfast and they’re off to school quite early on the bus, so I try to hit the gym briefly before starting work proper. I check in with my team in London as early as I can because of the time difference, and catch up on overnight bookings to start the day off well.

Then I’m busy vetting properties, meeting with our developers to add new facilities to the site (we have so many plans so there are lot of these meetings) and talking to hosts and guests, ensuring that bookings are seamless and vacations are as good as they can be. I also check in with the social media and marketing teams and make decisions on how we will promote the company, which events we want to be at, and how we see our strategy developing. I might have an investor meeting or networking event in the evening, so I also make sure I’m prepared for them.

4 What is your favourite part about travelling with your children?

I love introducing them to the world and all its diversity. Watching them run around on the beach with a gaggle of new friends, all speaking a different language, is the best.

5 What part of travelling with them do you dread?

No mother would admit that they look forward to a flight. Being cooped up for a number of hours in a small space with young children is not easy. But we have got a good routine now, my children are older and know what to expect, and I’m not going to lie, an iPad helps!

6  What are we sure to find in your carry on before a flight?

Besides my passport, I like to pack Aquaphor, a big wrappy cashmere scarf, an overly ambitious book that I know I won’t get to read, and my laptop.

7What is your favourite family friendly destination?

I’m going to go with Ibiza. I love this place! Not so many people realise that there’s a whole side to the island that doesn’t revolve around nightlife. It has a very European and bohemian way of life, centered around long lunches lost at the beach.

8 How do you deal with jet lag when you have young children?

We get outside immediately to acclimate to local time as soon as possible and keep the kids in natural daylight as much as we can. It works.

9 Any funny travel story you’d like to share?

There was that one time where I thought it would be fine to be European and let my young son run around the sand in a beach restaurant in Formantera without any clothes on. Before I knew it, he was squatting on the floor…fortunately it was a once-off but I haven’t forgotten it!

The Forest Road Residence – London

10 Which Kid & Coe property are you most likely to visit next?

We’re staying in The Forest Road Residence in London this summer which looks incredible. And I’m already looking at where to go next, including the Superba Avenue Residence  in LA later on in the year. I haven’t visited Argentina or Cornwall yet and would dearly love to. We have some gorgeous properties in both of these areas.

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The Superba Avenue Residence – Venice, Los Angeles

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