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5 Kids albums that won’t drive Parents crazy

So without stepping on any toes we are going to mention that most kids music tends to drive adults crazy.  The worst of course is travelling, confined to one space and having to listen to the same music over and over again.  We have picked five albums you and your little ones will enjoy together.

We’re All Young Together

Walter Martin


This album is one for the whole family.  Walter Martin, better known for his work with The Walkmen, lined up a star studded cast of indie and folk musicians for his debut solo album.  They include  Nick Zinner and Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs); Matt Berninger (The National); Kat Edmonson; Hamilton Leithauser and Matt Barrick (The Walkmen)


User Review:  

‘Fell in love with this album after one listen. Songs about snakes, the Beatles, family physiognomy, the zoo, singing, imagination and dreams – what’s not to love? Humour abounds, as do catchy singalong melodies. Fabulous stuff.’



Have a listen and buy HERE!



You Are My Little Bird

Elizabeth Mitchell


“Most commercial children’s music seems to be made under the assumption that youngsters are incapable of appreciating subtlety and need to be aurally slapped about the face with melodic and lyrical repetition in order to make sense of what they’re hearing.” Lead singer of Ida, Elizabeth Mitchell, is an educator and musician who knows better.  She brings her lovely indie folk vibes to children’s music like only she can.


User Review:

My whole family enjoys this music. I love it at 38, my 9 year old daughter loves it, my 7 year old son loves it & my 2 year old son loves it! I even catch my husband humming a tune every now & then. I give her CD’s as gifts to new parents. Our favorite sleepy time song is “Down in the Valley”. All her music is catchy & melodic at the same time. We have all her albums – you can’t go wrong with any of it!

Have a listen and buy HERE!

Zee Avi’s Nightlight

Zee Avi


Zee Avi is a Malaysian singer/songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player and visual artist.  There is no denying that this girl can sing.  Her songs are a definite must for creating a calmer environment.


User Review:

This album is absolute ear candy. This is the first time I heard her music, and I love it. I will be getting this as part of a gift for a friend’s newborn. This album had 5 stars on itunes. I listened to samples of all the songs before purchasing, and they are all beautifully done.


Have a listen and buy HERE!


Can you Canoe?

The okee dokee brothers


Not only is this album great for the whole family, but the story behind it is awesome. On June 1st 2011, The Okee Dokee Brothers began a canoe trip in Minneapolis for the next 30 days.. During their month long journey, they camped, canoed and filmed but most importantly, composed the songs that make up this album, Can You Canoe?


User Review:

I was looking for a CD my kids would like to listen to in the car and when I found this one, I realized that I want to listen to it every day in the car.


Have a listen and buy HERE!

In the Key of Disney

Brian Wilson (The Beachboys)


I mean, need we say more…Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys meets Disney.  There is not much that can go wrong!  Great music for cruising.


User Review:

Okay…this is simple enough: if you are fans of Disney music and the Beach Boys, you will highly likely really enjoy this album. I know I did! Brian Wilson scores with this one – delivering classic Disney tunes with a definitive Beach Boys sound. Each track is unique and highly enjoyable. “Kiss the Girl” has an especially good Beach Boys flavor to it. Highly recommended!


Have a listen and buy HERE!

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