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A Walk in the Wild – The Wilsons

We just had to share this amazing shoot by talented photographer Taryn Owen. The Tsitsikamma scenery, the stunning couple, the dogs and off course … little Dylan James!


The Couple …

It was 20 years ago, at the tender age of 12 when Jethro and I first met. We were both weekly boarders at Woodridge College as our families resided about 150km away from our school. I have fond memories of high school and I often glance back and chuckle at the thought of “if only we had known then what the future was to hold”. Five years after school, having not kept in contact, we both returned from overseas and crossed paths in the familiar and beautiful surrounds of Tsitsikamma. It was then that we began what has now been a nine year journey as a couple. We have nestled comfortably in the Tsitsikamma and we are both very fortunate to run our own individual businesses in this “neck of the woods”- Jethro is a talented and creative artisan and I run a Montessori Preschool.

Our precious son …

This year, on 5 January, we were so very blessed to welcome our beautiful baby boy -Dylan James- into the world.
Words cannot adequately describe just how transcending it was to have given birth within the comfort of our forest home (approximately 100 km away from the nearest hospital). For our son to have entered the world in such a natural, intimate and gentle manner, and to have been surrounded by only his loved ones (including his dogs) was such a unique, heartening and unforgettable experience. But most soul-shifting of all, was his transference into the world beyond the womb. Dylan was one of the lucky few to have been born in his caul – an extremely rare, gentle and wonderful way to come into existence!

A word from the photographer …

I have known Jeth and Gins since Std 6 ( yes I’m old school like that and still like to call it standards and not grades!) We went to Woodridge College in the eastern cape – a true “bush school” at the time – I think our love for nature was instilled in us way back then in our high school years! So when Gina called me up to say there is no one else she would want to take her family photos – and that she was prepared to wait until my next venture up the garden route – I felt absolutely flattered – a reminder of why I love what I do – I think people choose their photographer based on their way of capturing moments – and a natural, soft lighting , bohemiam style photoshoot was just what we all wanted from this Family shoot on the breathtakingly beautiful cliffs of Tsitsikamma.

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