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Easy Autumn Leaf Crafts

Autumn leaves are the perfect pick for our kids craft this week, as they are everywhere to be found!  So start your craft with a little excursion to find a wide variety for shapes, sizes and colours.

Nature Mobile

The sky is the limit when it comes to inspiration for this craft.  Twigs, seeds, leaves and beads are all great for decorating your mobile.  Younger children might enjoy showing you which leaf or bead comes next while older children can thread and knot their entire creation on their own.

Great for:  creativity; eye-hand coordination

Halves and Wholes

This activity is great for all ages!  Leaves are cut in half and pasted on a page.  The other half is drawn with a pencil.  Watercolours are used to paint the drawn half (adel watercolours are great, inexpensive and available almost anywhere).  Cutting leaves and pasting them is a great exercise for toddlers especially if you have toddler friendly scissors.  Although toddlers will not be able to draw the other half, they can indulge in experimenting with colour combinations when painting it.


Great for:  creativity; fine motor skills; visual closure; colour perception

Coloured leaves

Painting leaves in different colours is great fun and can be disguised as educational by:

1.  grouping same colours

2. counting (more/less, for older children addition and subtraction)

3.  pasting them on paper or the wall with washi tape.


Great for:  creativity; colour perception; counting skills; calculations; visual grouping based on size, colour and shape

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