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Awesome Wooden Toys

What to do when you come to the realise that your children have too many toys, and most of them are broken or incomplete?  Our solution – buy less and buy durable!  We found a few amazing wooden toys for you to invest in.

1.  Brio Dackel Pull Along  R230 – Collerette  2.   Melissa and Doug Nesting and Sorting Barns and Animals  R340 – Brightbeans  3.  AnaMalz Brown Bear  R89.95 – Table Mountain Toys  4.  AnaMalz Moose  R99.95 – Table Mountain Toys   5.  Janod Sound Pixel Camera  R159.90 – Timeout Toys  6.  Stacking Vehicles  R280 – I Love Stuff  7.  Hape Yo-Yo  R29 – Kalahari  8.  Brio Little Forest Train Set  R320 – Get This  9.  Brio Magnetic Building Blocks  R229 – Timeless Toys  10.  Hape Family Pets  R169.95 – Toy Kingdom.

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