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Baby Bath Time

Bath time is always fun, especially when your 7 month old can sit comfortably and lean over to pick up toys.  Playing with your baby is easier and more enjoyable when you understand what interests him at a specific age and you are able to imitate this level of functioning.

Bath Time Activities

Play “up” and “down”.  Put your baby’s hands in the air and say “UP” and splash his hands in the water saying “DOWN”.  Repeat this activity during every bath.


From 6 months onward activities with basic consecutive actions prove to help intellectual and language development.  Intellectually babies learn to form expectations and make predictions based on the repetitive experience.  Language development  is encouraged by using the same words in the same situation so that your baby can link the sound of the word with the meaning, through experience.


Allow your baby to play with different sized and shaped sponges.  Show him how to squeeze the water from them, introducing the concept of warm and cold by giving him a sponge soaked in warm water followed by a sponge soaked in cold water.


This activity highlights the difference between warm and cold.


A ping-pong ball is a fun bath toy.  Your baby will enjoy you helping him submerge the ball and letting it go to shoot out of the water.


Your baby is interested in discovering and observing the effect that his movements has on objects in his environment.  He will most likely want to repeat the game over and over again.


Cups with holes provide loads of fun.  You can make your own using a plastic bottle and warm nail.  Show your baby how to lift the cup with both hands and watch it rain. 


Allow your baby to partake when you dress or undress him.  Ask him to give you his arm, touching his arm to indicate what you are talking about.  Do this with different body parts.  Even though he will not be able to follow your instructions, praise him as you guide him trough the process.


This is the very first steps in self awareness and the repetition promotes not only their self awareness, but also language development.

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