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Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is an American company founded by Aurora James as a means of introducing the world to her favourite African footwear.  Not only does this company represent traditional African craftsmanship, but it creates sustainable artisanal jobs within Africa.


The company’s first model was the traditional South African velskoen (vellies) which are assembled by hand by South African men and women – super proud!  They have a large variety of traditional footwear and cater  for men, women and mini feet!

Why We LOVE Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies is not just uber chick, but the brand is a conscious one.  They think of the sustainability of their industry, investing in their artisans, their craft and the environment.


The leather they use is mainly Kudu leather and is a result of Government mandated culling due to overpopulation.  For their other products they believe in knowing their farmers and trusting that they will take responsibility for the origin of their products.


Why invest in genuine leather?


We use the best practices and materials possible to try to make what we think of as ‘forever shoes’. We believe that good quality leather shoes are an investment that should be thought of and worn as a long term purchase that will last our customers many, many years. We believe that the natural marks and scars on animals who lived in the wild are their own fingerprints and should be cherished. Therefore instead of discarding those pieces as most others do, we carefully position them on the inside portions of our shoes. Many of our styles are produced only on a made to order basis as to not accrue excess inventory or put undue stress on our farmers. Also, our shoes can be easily re-soled once their original soles have worn through, further extending their lifespan.


Brother Vellies


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On Our Wishlist...

William Okpo x Brother Vellies Open Leather Chukka


Darlene & Lizzy Okpo of New York based ready-to-wear label, William Okpo, teamed up with Brother Vellies’ Creative Director, Aurora James, to make a series of Open Chukkas.


Made by hand in South Africa, the William Okpo x Brother Vellies Open Leather Chukka utilizes the same last and shape as traditional Vellies but with an open toe.


Made from Kudu leather sourced in Namibia and vegetable dyed.


Brother Vellies
For more info check out their website or Facebook page!

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