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Easter Egg Painting

Easter has become a yearly cash cow for businesses especially targeting kids with their beautifully coloured eggs and bunny related toys.  If you would like to opt for something different this year why not try and embrace a new tradition.  Easter Egg Painting!  For many cultures around the world the egg is a symbol of new life, rebirth and fertility.  So let’s be inspired to start fresh!


You will need:

∇  food colouring

∇  vinegar

∇  water

∇  boiled eggs

∇  egg carton

∇  paintbrush

✚  Take about 50 ml water, add a few drops of food colouring and a teaspoon of vinegar. (The vinegar is there to ensure that the colour sticks to your eggs)

✚  Be sure to be careful with the paint as it will stain clothing!

✚  Once you have painted your egg place it in the egg carton to dry.

✚  If you like, you could also colour the whole egg by submerging it in the liquid for 10 to 15 minutes.

This activity was such a success my son helped himself to a delicious painted egg, hence the incomplete set!  Happy painting, and eating, everyone!

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