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Entertaining your baby

Often when babies start to interact parents feel guilty for not spending enough time entertaining and stimulating them.  This realisation usually comes after hectic days of juggling work, marriage and home life leading to parents often frantically googling what they can do to to stimulate this little young mind.  The curse of being a parent is that you will probably always feel guilty, because  you will never have enough time.  The good news, however, is that your child will learn from being part of and included in a loving, caring family.

From around four to eight months babies will enjoy using their hands and mouth to interact with just about any object.  This interaction is erratic and random, but forms the foundation for more structured behaviour after eight months.  It is therefore important to have your baby play with and explore different smallish objects that differ in size, texture and weight. (Always supervised)

Sense Baskets

You can have more than one of these baskets throughout the house and you don’t need expensive toys to fill them up.


What you need to look for is:


different sizes

different textures (hard, soft, rough, smooth)

different shapes


I used:


Woollen ball, heavy wooden block, soft wooden brush, soft bear, round wooden worm, plastic circle and square, empty yoghurt tin, ball of tin foil, rough bath glove, empty tin money box, small cardboard book.


What can you add:


pieces of satin ribbon, small container filled with rice or beans (make sure the lid seals well), bells attached to some string.


Sit down with your baby throughout the day and have them explore! You will be amazed at how much they will enjoy new textures and shapes.

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