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Heymama Crush: La Fede

We love the creativity and craftmanship that goes into this very awesome brand La Fede. We went behind the scenes and chatted to mom-trepreneur Chantelle Beukes about her family, trend obsessions and brand.


La Fede is a lovely heirloom brand, specializing in quality clothing and decor items crafted by hand in Pretoria. Their collection is made up of bespoke dresses, play suits and gorgeously tailored jackets and knitwear for boys and girls. Great basics and quirky add on’s to your little one’s wardrobe! We are obsessed with the softies (how cute is this whale!) The collection of wooden toys are perfectly handcrafted in a small studio in Pretoria, exquisitely made and designed and beautiful to display.


∇  Tell us about your family

We’re a party of 4. Crazy and quirky! My husband Philip is a software developer and freelance photographer. We’ve been married for 13 years and he is my best friend. Addison our daughter is 6 and in Grade R this year, she is a gorgeous little ballerina and loves Netball. She has the best sense of humour and loves telling knock knock jokes. Max my baby is almost 2. He is our free spirit and he loves music! I am sure he’ll be leading Worship in Church one day. I’m a full-time Mom, I love Jesus, my life is a story of living on faith and trust. I am part of a great band and we lead Worship on Sunday’s at our Church in Centurion.

∇  What do you do for a living and how did you get there …

I’m a “Maker”. I started La Fede in November 2014, after 12 years in corporate, I too, as many other South Africans faced the reality of being “jobless” after the company I worked for, closed it’s doors very suddenly. I had just had my baby boy Max and the financial pressure was huge, as we lost a very large chunk of our household income! Job-hunting after so many years was daunting and not at all successful for me. I sat on my bed one morning, and the Verse of Peter walking on the water came to me. Matthew 14:28. I was challenged in Faith to start this business,something that had been a distant desire for years. The Lord had said, have Faith and Trust Me. I took the very last of my capital available and bought my first sewing machine. My mom gave me a crash course on my little straight stitch machine. The months that followed where very hard, building a business on one side, facing the financial crisis in our household,raising two kids, but I’ve held on to God’s Word and His promise. La Fede (Faith in Italian) was started on a leap of faith and built on trust.

∇  What is your favourite product in your collection and why?

I can’t just choose one, I have a few- out of my older range I love the wooden camera and the whale moneybox that I make with longtime friend Ashley from Vintage Living Design Co. My latest release of handmade soft toys are by far my favourite. I have 3 mini-collections – The Sea, The Wilds and The Woods – each collection has some awesome quirky characters. My favourites are Joah the Whale and Rufus the Polar Bear.

∇  If I need to reset and get inspired I …

Chat to fellow ‘makers”, take a long jog, visit a local Pop-up market to see the talent that the makers of our country has. Share in the joy of handmade artisan goods, produced on home soil.

∇  Motherhood sometimes …

Scares me. The impact we have on our kids’ lives is so massive. I can only hope that our example as parents, builds strong and confident individuals with solid morals and standards. Unrelenting faith in the Father and unconditional love for other’s and themselves.

∇  My 2016 trend obsession is …

In fashion it’s brown coming back in a big way and Matte Nails. I am obsessed with interior Plants and nature coming back into the home. I recently styled one of my product photography sessions for “The Wilds” with indoor plant life. I am also obsessed with the Makers Movement we are seeing, the ethically sourced product, the support of smaller businesses, the slow fashion, slow craft trend that is emerging. As far as colour goes – I am still in love with spots and dots, and monochrome mixed with Mint or soft pink.

∇  Any tips for other mom-preneurs out there?

Having started La Fede with nothing but a dream in my heart and a few rand’s in my pocket, I’d love to just encourage other Mom-trepreneurs to chase their dream. My advise would be to stay true to your idea, involve yourself with other moms in business. With local bloggers and small makers. Building a business and being a mom and wife, is not always a walk in the park. You have to find balance – time management is key when running your own small start up. Use every bit of feedback you get and use it well. You are going to get plenty of “No’s” when you get a “Yes” make it work. Keep the Faith, even in the hardest of times, keep the faith. I’ve found that being friends with and knowing other Makers and Mom-trepreneurs, makes the hard times a little easier, there is always a word of inspiration. And lastly, but probably my biggest tip is- collaboration! Find a few fellow makers who’s product’s compliment yours, and do collaborations, share in Social media campaigns, do a few product shots with other brands included and market off each other’s presence. Social media is one of the biggest tools at your disposal!

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