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Host a white Baby shower

We were so inspired by this beautiful white baby shower that we decided to share our inspiration. Here are some ideas for hosting a white baby shower.

∇  Tips and Ideas

1. Who doesn’t love a huge prop? Well I do! This rose is about 1,36 metres long and can be a stunning feature at your white baby shower. Find one of these here.

2. Balloon letters are a lovely yet minimalistic touch for every baby shower – these silver ones would look stunning with your white palette.

3. Give your affair some class with these stunning fringe napkins. Or make your own.

4. A polaroid camera is not only a great activity during the baby shower, but its also a wonderful gifts for a mama to be! Help her document her memories!

5. White tissue paper Pom Poms! Enough said!

6. A nice white tablecloth is a must-have. This one won’t break the bank and it’s 100% cotton!

7. This pretty honeycomb drink dispenser is the perfect addition to a self-help drinks station. We think this drink would taste amazing and will also fit in with the white theme.

8. A pretty glass cake stand for a pretty white cake.

9. Write your menu on a blackboard to save some paper!

10. We love these white gallery frames. They would look lovely filled with baby photos of the mama-to-be! Or this awesome printable (for a boy) or this one.

** For an extra special touch – we love this free printable! **


{images via 100 Layer Cakelet | Pinterest }

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