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A Hunter Gatherer Baby shower for Maria

One of our dear friends and a regular Heymama contributor, Nelia Kennedy from NOOI is having her first baby and we can’t be more excited! Planning the baby shower was so much fun – as we are not professional party planners, it took some DIY, many favors and a little Pinspiration – but a fun day was had by all!


Baby showers can sometimes be very “theme-y”, so when we decided on Hunter Gatherer – we kept it broad and not too obvious. Seating almost 30 people is always challenging, but one thing you often forget is how willing people are to help! We hosted the party in an empty house that is currently on the market – so we had to basically furnish from scratch! Sounds almost impossible right? Where there is a will there is a way! Friends dropped off chairs and tables – husbands had to move the odd couch and coffee table and before we knew it we had a lovely space to work with – the drop-dead view was off course a massive bonus! Everything from glasses to kettles to teaspoons came from our kitchens – but we made life a little easier by using take-away mugs for the coffee! Flasks and percolators kept the coffee warm and ice buckets filled with ice kept the wine and drinks frosty (we had no fridge so a plan had to be made!)


Working on a small budget isn’t easy – but it does pressure you to do more yourself! We used all our own plates, crockery and cutlery and all greenery came from our gardens. Charine contributed olive branches from her garden and I picked bunches of rosemary to give some colour (and aroma). Even the succulents came from pots (and was planted right back after the shower!) We didn’t buy any flowers! We made little arrows to place on every setting with twigs from the garden, some wooden beads and feathers we bought at a variety of craft shops in Northumberland street in Bellville. We used leather string we bought at GLOBAL BEADS in Durbanville to tie it all together! Charine made some beautiful linen napkins and we also bought some cotton napkins from Mr Price Home – the rest was borrowed from mothers and aunts!


It is always better to keep it simple when it comes to food! We started off with some delicious bread baked my Nelia’s sister Anel and paired it with some yummy spreads and cheeses. We had a refreshments table where everyone could help themselves to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and off course, wine, sparkling wine and juice! For the mains, everyone pitched in and made salads and we indulged in the most delicious Biltong and Roast Veg quiches made by the wonderful Wilma Bezuidenhout at Bliss Bakery in Durbanville. For desert we roasted marshmallows and had the cutest cupcakes made by Nadia Haarhoff from Fabulicious Cakes! We tried to do as as much as we can ourselves – it’s always more fun if everyone pitches in!


The only professional on the day was the wonderful Hayley from HAYLEY TAKES PHOTOS. She was fantastic to work with and her photos so lovely! She was so amazing to come and help us out on the weekend of her one year anniversary! We are huge fans of her work and so honored that she was willing to get involved!

Thank you to everyone involved:

∇  Photography: Hayley Takes Photos

∇  Quiches: Wilma Bezuidenhout

∇  Cupcakes: Fabulicious Cakes

∇  Tressle tables borrowed from: The George and Annie Starck Homes Oosterzee

∇   Thomas who let us “borrow” his house!

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