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Ikea made every child’s dream come true

Imagine you could give life to your childhood imaginary friends! Ikea did just that and all for a good cause.

Last December IKEA stores in more than 40 countries asked kids to draw their dream plush toy. And oh boy – these kiddies did not disappoint! They tapped into their deepest imagination and created monsters, hybrid animals and creatures that were entirely original. IKEA then took all those drawings and chose the ten best designs to produce into real toys!

The toys created are part of an annual fundraiser the home decor giants holds in partnership with Unicef and Save the Children. For every toy purchased, IKEA will donate one dollar to charitable causes. Since launching the program in 2003, the Ikea Foundation has donated more than $90 million to global children’s causes and helped 11 million children living in poverty get a better education.

If you are lucky enough to be close to an Ikea around christmas time, you can support the cause by picking up one of these magical toys.

(Photos via IKEA, h/t Adweek)

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