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Kids Craft: Vampire Bat Goodie Bag

Looking for something fun to do with the little ones this weekend?  Try a craft for a change. What can be more appropriate for Halloween weekend: Vampire Bat Goodie Bags.  Andel, from Mini Matisse, put together this super easy DIY.

You will need:


Cat2Toilet rolls



Black Craft Paper


Cat2White Craft Paper






Cat2Black Paint






Cat2Chalk or Pencil

What to do:



1.  Paint the toilet rolls black and set them aside to dry.


2. Use the white craft paper and scissors to cut out tiny eyes and fangs, set aside.


3. Using the pencil or chalk, draw batwings on the black craft paper and cut them out.


4. Once the toilet rolls have dried, use your thumbs to press the ends down and create a little packet.


5.  Glue the eyes, fangs and wings to the toilet rolls.


6. Place a handful of sweets inside the packet and use your thumbs to push in the remaining sides to seal the sweets inside the packet.


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