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Myum healthy snacks for kids

Finding time in your day for fixing up snacks for the kids can be hard and to find snacks with the right nutritional value (that they actually wants to eat) almost impossible! That is why we are very excited about the MYUM main meal elements and snacks range! Yummy, pretty looking food for your kids – packed with all the nutrients they need!

These snacks are the perfect solution for quick snacks, main meal elements and lunchbox fillers!

Mums Liesel and Leoni developed a range of food products for children that aims to reduce and eventually demolish the hold processed foods have on your child’s diet. As a food scientist, Leoni Siebrits is an expert in her field. She has experience working in the UK as well as for Woolworths.

Liesel Coldman is a professional chef who has cooked for the likes of Paul McCartney and Shania Twain. Leoni and Liesel make an ideal team when it comes to looking after quality, safety and taste. Anél Kirsten, a specialist in the field of child nutrition, is the consulting dietician and assists the team with valuable dietary advice.

Myum uses a commercial kitchen to do home cooking in order to achieve the best of both worlds: Individual dedication to quality, held to a fixed norm of food safety. All this without any additives such as preservatives and colourants! You know that the food you feed your kids were made in a clean place and have all the nutrients your kids need!

We loved the little quiches and the breakfast bars! So yummy!  The fruity chews are perfect for lunchbox snacks and the meatballs… delicious! The range includes 17 tasty options like Mrs. Pots Chicken Pie, Wacky Waffles, Zoo Friends and more! Myum focuses on using carefully sourced, real ingredients like stone ground flower and peanut butter with no added stabilisers. They aim to keep a light hand when it comes to sugar and salt and achieve lower GI combinations.

heart-iconCarefully developed by a food scientist and chef


heart-iconPortion controlled


heart-iconKiddie approved recipes


heart-iconNo added junk


heart-iconConvenient pick up or doorstep delivery


heart-iconPrepared in a commercial kitchen





heart_love_favorite_circle-512Myum will launch in Stellenbosch on 1 July 2015. You can contact them at or visit their website here.

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