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New Blog on the Block: Hey Diddle Diddle

Not so long ago we spotted some scrumptiously, delicious meals on Instagram, prepared by mama of two and newly turned blogger Lindi Janichon. Her new blog, Hey Diddle Diddle, features healthy, plant-based recipes for snacks and family meals and a little peek into her everyday life of raising her babies, growing a very impressive vegetable garden and cooking up a healthy storm! We caught up with Lindi to chat health, parenting and lazy Saturdays.

Tell us about your family?

They are the best! They inspire me. They motivate me. And they teach me something new everyday! Ralph Cornelius Wolf Janichon is 3 and his little sister, Lilian Alice Fox Janichon, is just about 5 months old now.He is an articulate boisterous little boy and she doesn’t do much yet but does love a good laugh, especially when he pulls faces for her!

Hey Diddle Diddle is such a fun name – what made you choose the name for your blog?

Thanks! Nursery rhymes were very much apart of life growing up. Now, as a young mama, I feel like I’m growing up all over again while facing the challenges and needing the things I’ve learned along the way to keep me as grounded as possible while I (try) to raise conscious little humans. Hey Diddle Diddle just had a nice ring to it and each line of the rhyme rang true to everything I am feeling at the moment and the broad range of areas I want to share things about.

Tell us more?

It’s still very, very new but I started the blog with the idea that I would be able write about a few aspects of being a parent and share my own stories along the way.

The cat and the fiddle represent all things mommy fashion, coming from a fashion industry background. I’m young and want to be fashionable but I’m a mom of two now and feel my style needs to evolve. I need to be practical and comfortable and still look appropriate yet cool, which is a constant battle in my mind at the moment.

The cow jumped over the moon will be about fitness; as a busy mom with two busy babas… who doesn’t want to be a fit mom, but what to do and where to find time?!

The little laughing dog(s) are my children and all the things we learn on the road to raising them.

And the dish ran away with the spoon would be where I document all my recipes.

Ironically the dish is running away with the spoon at the moment, as I’ve found myself having loads of fun in the kitchen making beautiful healthy foods for my family. Seeing as I’m not a writer and definitely no expert, I’m not quite sure how to approach the other topics yet.

You are focused on plant-based ingredients in your recipes – what made you choose this lifestyle? 

There is a lot of debate on this topic but for us it seems to be the healthiest option out there and as a mom I want to do everything I can to ensure my family is strong. We all seem to feel and function much better when we don’t eat animal products and even though there are a lot of studies out there explaining it all, I tend to follow my heart and this just feels right for many reasons.

Was it easy to get Ralph to eat veggies (any tips!?) What is his ultimate favourite dish from his mama?

Yes, this is how we eat so that’s what he is used to, but now that he is older and we end up being around other options we try give him as much of a choice as possible although his plates are almost always filled with fresh cut fruits, vegetables and grains. We want to lead by example and not make anything a taboo. We can’t force him, we can only try teaching him how to make good choices, and sometimes he’ll make mistakes but that’s how we learn and grow (it starts with healthy food choices but doesn’t end there). His favourite is when I make pictures for him. It’s fun and that helps enhance the experience of eating and trying new things. We do have friends with fussy eaters though and sneaking veggies in to muffin recipes or sauces, etc. has been something many moms have been doing for years 😉

You and your husband have an amazing vegetable garden , The Plot?

The Plot is a very passionate hobby and Blaise has such an amazing green thumb (probably because he loves it so much) that it has grown into something we are quite proud of. It started off small, a few containers and experimental veggies on a balcony, then into a little patch in our first home to half our garden where we live now. It’s extremely fulfilling to watch something grow and then get to turn it into a beautiful meal. It’s humbling and a wonderful way of teaching our children not only where things come from or how food works, but also how to be patient and what you give is what you get. I wish we could spend more time on it every day, but I’m so grateful to have it as it is too… It’s quite over grown and rustic and in a weird way such a good reflection of us.

What is a normal Saturday morning in your household?

When everyone seems awake Ralph gets to choose what he wants for breakfast and he always asks for pancakes (I should start making big batches of batter and just keep it in the fridge to make life easier…). Depending on our sympathy levels to the rings under the others eyes Blaise and I take turns getting up to start the routine. Unless there is somewhere we have to be (birthday parties, family events or lunches with friends) we’ll slowly get dressed, pop in a load of laundry, play in our garden and vegetable patch, maybe take our dog to the park and almost always head to the Market in Granger Bay by 13h. I love supporting the local guys and girls down there, and it’s a great place to see what’s fresh and get inspired while grabbing some bits and pieces. We’ll come home and have a tapas styled late lunch, then play whatever Ralph’s into at that point or finish planting or cleaning up what we started in the garden.

Happiness is …

A quite moment in the sun, and hearing my family laugh and play.

Your favourite foodie Instagram follows …

There are so many at the moment! But I’m really enjoying the MinimalistBaker and AvantGardeVegan right now.

Motherhood makes me …

Warm and fuzzy yet nervous and scared all at the same time!

Favourite shop for fresh and healthy ingredients?

I tend to base my weekly meal plan around what Blaise picks from the garden and then I’ll add from various shops and farmers markets depending on what I’m after.

If you would like to dabble in some plant-based recipes, see Lindi’s easy pancake recipe here

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