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Some Loveliness for the Ladies

Something femme for the ladies of all ages!
See our top picks of lady-like things we love ( that is made right here in South Africa!)

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Kitty Mirror by Olly Polly | R500

Mouse Ear Dipped Chair by Olly Polly | R580.00

Foldover Sling - Blue Jazz by Lichen+Leaf | R500

Blush shoes by ThatKidCole | R195.00

Wooden Strawberry Money Boxes by LILY + GRACE | R 245.00

Crocheted Bunny by Ruby & Rose Crochet | R250

Our Long Sleeve Romper by KatkinandCo | R250

Ladies' coral women's march socks by Featsockco. | R105

Deep Rivers Run Quiet by Dayfeels | R180

*All products were in stock and all prices were correct at time of post

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