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Picky eating is a normal rite of passage and most children demonstrate some level of pickiness at some stage.  What parents often don’t realise is that pickiness seldom has to do with the taste of the food.  Children often don’t want to eat something because of the colour, texture, they might say it does not taste good, without tasting it of course, or they might say the are not hungry.

These are all acceptable reasons…if you are a three year old.  We rounded up a few creative ways to dish healthy snacks to encourage good eating habits.

heart-iconWork with themes

Shapes and themes can spark some interest – if you have time, maybe even think up a short story about the meal! If you can’t interest them in the food – a backstory can help your picky eater invest in the meal. It will also help to invite an adventurous eater, like an older sibling, to join the meal.

Recipe ideas here: Ida Frosk

Recipe ideas here: Kix

Recipe ideas here:  Mikodesign

heart-iconBowl them over with bowls

Placing the food in interesting containers can play a big role in converting your picky eater. A variety of interesting containers, plates or bowls will make the meal seem more interesting – especially if the food looks like takeout! Encourage them to add or sprinkle foods like sesame seeds and be a part of the dishing up process.


Small Portions

Small portions will help your picky eater’s process as they won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the plate. Use creative styling methods to introduce new foods. If they like it, they’ll ask for more, which also gives children a feeling of control.

Recipe ideas here: How About Cookie

Recipe ideas here: Kix

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