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Quick And Easy Baby Food

It is common practice to assume that making your own baby food is a tedious and time consuming activity.  We are here to share a quick and easy way to make your own baby food, including what you can add for variety.


✚  butternut

✚  carrots

✚  sweet potato

✚  courgettes (baby marrows)

The butternut and sweet potato gives the puree a sweet taste as well as a lovely consistency that babies enjoy.

Cooking instructions:

Clean and cut your veggies into chunks.  If your carrots are not organic, peel them first.  Put your pot on the stove, add a bit of water and add your veggies.  Cook until tender.  Now you can either use the veggies as is or split the cooked veggies and add some variety veggies.  If you use it as is, take your stick blender and puree.  If the mixture is too stiff add a bit of boiled water.


✚  Peas are great especially because you can grab them from the freezer.  Cook the peas separately.  The husk of the peas are hard so use a sieve to make sure no husks get in your puree.  It might not look like much when added, but it packs a punch.

✚  Kale, or any other leafy green such as spinach or swiss chard, is very nutritious and easy to add. Steam or boil until just wilted, add to basic recipe and puree.

✚  Broccoli can be steamed or cooked and added to the basic recipe.  Broccoli has a very distinctive taste.  For babies who don’t enjoy it masking it with a sweet butternut and sweet potato mixture does the trick.

Your baby food can be frozen in special store bought tubs or in ice trays.

Tip: Protein is always tricky as you have to really get the consistency right.  If you don’t feel comfortable making your own protein you can try ordering from a company like Umatie.  A protein portion (lamb or chicken) consists of 4 x 30ml cubes (R18) which is great as it allows you to add just one cube to your veggies for a delicious protein rich serving.

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