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Mia’s Vintage Kitty Birthday Party

Mama Marca Carpenter lives in Johannesburg with her two daughters, Mia(5) and Isla(2), her husband, Ryan and their kitty cat Charlie. One afternoon Mia announced that she would love a Kitty Cat party for her 5th birthday and Marca created this dream party for her daughter!

Where did you find most of your inspiration for the party?

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest! I found a lovely vintage kitty printable on Pinterest and planned the whole theme around that!

Where did you get most of your party supplies from?

 I love DIY  and try to make a lot of my own things. My aunt helped me with sewing kitty ears for the kids. In Good Company had a huge closing down sale so I got a lot of my goodies for -50%. Party Spot in Woodmead is another favourite and I also browsed around the China Shops (I bought the MEOW letters for next to nothing and painted them with pink craft paint.) I found the cute little kitties that I used for the cake toppers at the Crazy Store. The adopt a kitty station was a hit and served as part of the party pack gift for the children to take home!

I always try to bake their cakes myself… whilst baking this year Mia gave me a big hug and said “I love you for always baking my birthday cakes mommy” and that makes it worth all the effort!

How did you decide on this lovely theme?

Mia loves cats! I had my mind set on a ballet theme for her 5th birthday but one afternoon she just announced that she wants a kitty-cat party! I thought it was way cuter than the ballet theme and that was the start of our vintage kitty-cat party theme.

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