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Road Trip Essentials

The long weekend is coming up and although most of us are excited, there might be a few already dreading the long car trip.  Don’t fear we have compiled a list of what we think you need to make this trip a fuss free one.


∇  Packing a variety of toys to keep your little ones busy is essential.  A notepad, crayons and stickers are great as they are inexpensive.  I would consider getting puffy stickers, or stickers of their favourite characters.

∇  New toys and favourite toys can go a long way.  Opt for inexpensive stocking stuffer type of toys to entertain your little ones.  A small flashlight, fun castanet or animals and figurines in a small draw string bag.

∇  Your smartphone or tablet could be your best friend when it comes to long car trips.  We limit and control screen time at home so if things get crazy during the trip a good old kids app will do the trick…and my son thinks it’s the biggest treat.

Our favourites:







Peekaboo Barn           TinyHands sorting         Montessori


Snacks are a must for any road trip.  Be sure to look for non-messy snacks that can keep them busy for a while:

∇  raisins

∇  dried mango

∇  apple slices

∇  dried fruit sticks

∇  pretzels

∇  water

Essentials that can always come in handy during your trip:

∇  medical kit

∇  ziploc bags

∇  scented bin liners (great for diapers and trash)

∇  wipes

∇  hand sanitzer

∇  muslin blanket (in case a sleeping little one needs shade)

∇  extra set of clothes (then, if needed, you don’t have to unpack the car to find suitcases)

Enjoy your fuss free road trip!

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