The Mothership

ROCKTOBER is here!

I will never forget the first time I heard the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. It blew my mind! My parents had it on vinyl and I use to listen to it all the time. That album changed my perspective on music. I couldn’t stop! Next was The Police, then Dire Straits, Bon Jovi, Roxette – I can go on forever! Luckily my parents had a nice collection so I have such an appreciation for all genres of music! I also remember thinking of my parents as rock stars – they knew how to drive and where to go and they knew how to make things and fix things. All parents are rockstars – even though some never even get on stage – they have a massive fan club!

This month we are rocking it out – December is almost here so let’s get in the party spirit! This month we are chatting to some rockstar parents, we travel back in time and we kick it off with some Festival Fashion to get you ready for Rocking the Daisies this weekend!

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