Saving for your dream vacation

It’s travel month and we are inspired to pack our bags and go.  Where? We don’t really care as long as we come back fuller, energised and inspired!  The reality, of course, the COST.  Most people find it hard to save for a holiday when they are already on a shoestring budget.  Investing the extra money to later pay for education or extra mural activities seems like the smarter option.

We suggest you find a midway that supports both.  The experience of traveling, seeing new places, doing things, shape who we are!  Traveling is therefore not only an investment in mom and dad’s sanity, it is a necessity for your children’s development.  Family time – and not the family time you have at home while washing dishes, folding clothes or watching TV.  A new experience in which you can be 100% present!  You don’t have to dream big, start saving for a weekend getaway to a local destination you haven’t been.  The possibilities are endless!

Here are our tips for realising your dream vacation

1 How much will you need…and let’s be realistic

If you decide on a specific destination you have to be realistic about what it is going to cost you.  If not, you are going to find yourself strapped for cash and relying on your credit card, not the relaxed family adventure you wanted. Travel costs (flight, fuel, public transport), accommodation, food, exchange rate and activities are a few things to consider.It is always a good idea to google what a can of Coke costs in your destination country. That will give you an idea of the living costs there compared to here.

2 Budgeting

This is probably the worst part as you are literally taking money away from your everyday spending.  Again, you should be realistic and you should have a more or less approach rather than be too rigid, putting yourself under pressure.  When it comes to making sure you stick to the plan we suggest you open a travel savings account that is not linked to your card and putting a monthly debit order in place…out of sight, out of mind.


 Extra cash in the bag

Have a rule that 70% of any extra cash (bonuses, overtime, extra shifts, garage sale) must be put into travel savings.  This means you will still have a bit left for yourself, but you are actually investing most of it.  Extra money is sneaky…if you don’t have a set idea of what you are going to do with it, it disappears.


 Picky Eater

Be mindful when it comes to eating.  Get into the habit of planning your weekly meals and snacks and then shop accordingly.  Cooking from scratch is less expensive than ready made meals.  So get cracking on Pinterest or dust off your cookbooks!

5 Hold back on socialising

We are not suggesting you isolate yourself, but some restraint will be needed.  Maybe instead of going for dinner 5 times a month, you do 2 and make a point of transferring the cash you saved into your travel account.  Family outings can be planned around activities that are free or have discounts advertised.

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