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SKOG furniture for Kids

When we laid eyes on SKOG furniture at the Design Indaba – we just had to find out where this lovely concept was born. We love the Scandinavian influences and the simple and streamline look of the kiddies furniture – finally a replacement for the plastic furniture we are so use to! Locally made, the Skog range (Skog meaning forest in Norwegian) includes a group table, play table, picnic bench and homework desk.

We caught up with guys at Skog to tell us more about this stunning product.

1 Tell us how Skog was born? Who are the masterminds  involved?

The masterminds behind Skog are three guys. Two of which are young dads. Stephen Wilson and Phillip Hollander are the furniture designers behind Skog and Ryan Brussow is the branding and marketing guru. All three guys love Scandinavian design and simplicity.  We realised the need for well designed and good looking kids furniture in South Africa and started to explore the idea of producing flat packed kids furniture. Something that would not only look good assembled but even looked good packed up was one of the design objectives we had. Kids should not only enjoy using Skog Furniture but also have fun and learn while building it themselves.

2 Your furniture is described as ergonomically correct – what does that mean?

We decided to focus on ergonomics because we as furniture designers understand the importance of this.  Especially when it comes to fast growing kids. The furniture is designed according to international research conducted on the correct dimensions that furniture should be. The Activity Desk for example is designed so that kids sit at an slight angle with an angled work top in front of them. This helps keep their posture straight which in is turn proven to help them kids focus for longer.

3 Can I leave my Skog KIDS furniture outside?

Skog kids furniture is made from marine grade Birch plywood that is sustainably grown in Europe according to strict European standards. Skog furniture is sealed with an oil that bonds to the wood via revolutionary nanotechnology. This makes Skog durable inside as well as outside in the rain. The furniture is precision cut and the topcoat is scratch resistant – perfect for little ones!

4  How do you assemble the furniture?

We decided to design the furniture so that it can be taken apart and stored away if not used. What makes Skog great is that it is done without the use of glue or screws. This is perfect for kids because they can build the furniture themselves without the dangers of sharp objects or chemicals. We have personally seen the sense of achievement when a 3 year old puts together his own stool and sits on it!

No nails or glue needed and the flat pack 
design makes storage super easy!

 5What inspired you to create furniture for kids.

Being design conscious and a dad looking for furniture for the little ones was tough for Stephen. So we came up with the idea of good looking kids furniture that not only the kids will love to use but the parents will like to see in their homes as well.


Have a look at the complete range here.
Prices range between R1950 and R2950.
Durable, beautiful and local!


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