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Smoothies for a Blond and Chocolate Loving Toddler

When you think toddler the word smoothie is probably not the fist thing that comes to mind.  We have tried and tested two easy to prepare smoothies for the bland, chocolate loving toddler.  The Green Smoothie is packed with goodness without it having an overpowering taste, we know most toddlers prefer bland.  The Chocolate Smoothie…well is chocolate and super yummy!

Green Smoothie


1 apple


handful of pineapple


handful of cucumber


handful of spinach (alternatives: swiss chard, kale)


60 ml water (you can add more if you want to change the consistency)


few slices avocado (optional)


If you toddler is adventurous you might want to add one or two mint leaves.


Add all your ingredients and blend.

Chocolate Smoothie


1 banana


1 heaped tbsp of raw almond flakes/almonds


1 tsp raw cocoa


1/2 cup of milk/ almond milk


Put all your ingredients in the blender and give it a good wizz.


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