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Spring Blossom Newborn Shoot

Mama Madeleen Bester and her close friend and photographer Judith Belle created this very special shoot for baba Jeanne. We are completely obsessed with how cute this is!

Spring Blossom Shoot

∇  Tell us about this shoot – what was the inspiration behind it?

I got the shoot as a babyshower present and although I didn’t initially think I wanted to do a newborn shoot, I decided to gather ideas on Pinterest and discuss it with Judith, the photographer, a week before the shoot. The one photo I pinned immediately stood out for us both of a baby lying in a circle of flowers… then inspiration hit. We started to figure out what flowers would be best to use, the colour scheme and the type of poses we’d like to try. Keeping with Judith’s adventure photography theme, we wanted to stay clear of the typical newborn poses and Judith in the mean time also started playing around with making her own flower mandalas. Check out her instagram feed (judith_belle) for those first ones she did.

∇  Who was your photographer?

Judith Belle Photography. She’s a very good friend of mine from varsity days.

∇  Any tips for mamas who want to do an original newborn shoot?

Patience and planning. Don’t try to follow your normal routine, but do take breaks for feeding baby, feeding yourself and keeping baba calm. Jeanne was awake for way longer than I would have normally wanted. Thats where the planning is important. I made sure Jeanne was fed, had a clean diaper, slept enough, etc. Judith bought and prepped the flowers and got the location (a sunny bedroom in the house) ready. We then built a layout, Judith got the camera settings just right, then I would put baby down, dummy out of the mouth and in quick succession snap away before baby squirms too much or starts crying. Which in our case was a couple of seconds. Then I would pick her up, calm her down and we would assess what we got and if we wanted more from this layout before moving on. If you want something really original it will take some effort and a really open-minded mom and photographer. We did this shoot when Jeanne was exactly 1 week old. That gave us time to get rid of most of the unsightly newborn swelling, acne, blotches, milk blisters and possibly the umbilical cord could have fallen off by then (Jeanne’s only fell off the next day). One last tip… naked photos might be cute, but I put the nappy back on just in time! Spare yourself that stress and get plain white nappies or do the shoot in pre-determined outfits.

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