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Teresa Palmer: Motherhood is her favourite job

Australian actress Teresa is what we would call an all-rounder: mother, actor, director, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, co-owner of Your Zen Mama, owner of Your Zen Life and co-owner of Conscious Babes. But just like this list – motherhood comes first!

teresa palmer
Image via Your Zen Mama

Tell us about your family?

I have been married to Mark for three years and we have been together for five. Together we have two boys, Bodhi who is 2.5 and our next baby boy due at the end of this year. Mark also has a son Isaac who is 8.

What has changes most since having children?

In my opinion my days are just so much richer – being Bodhi’s mummy is my favourite job in the world! Life feels so much more adventurous and enjoyable.

teresa palmer
Image via Instagram @teresapalmer
Image via Instagram @teresapalmer

What was the best and worst advice you received before your baby was born?

The best was to go with the flow and allow him to teach me about his needs, to throw out a schedule and just be observant of him and follow his lead.
The worst was probably implementing a rigid schedule of eating, sleeping, pooping etc. for some families this may work well but for us I found that it didn’t feel authentic and organic to us and that he was a much more content baby when I just met his needs as they arose rather than putting expectations on him.

When working, do you take your kid to set?

Yes always! Bodhi is with me every day at work! That’s the luxury of doing what we do – there is a real acceptance and celebration in bringing our children to work with us. As actors on a film set there is so much waiting around and downtime that you get to spend such quality time with them each day even whilst working.

teresa palmer Instagram
Image via Instagram @teresapalmer

What is the most challenging part of juggling a career and motherhood?

For us it’s balancing Marks career with mine, we don’t have a nanny so Mark travels with us. When I was working so much of Bodhi’s first 2 years, Mark just travelled on the road with us so we wouldn’t need a nanny. Now I’ve been traveling with him for his work and it’s been really well balanced. Carving out time for just him and I has probably been our greatest challenge.

Describe your 20-year-old self in three words … 

Unsettled, adventurous, curious of the world

Describe your current self in three words …

Happy, Inspired, Excited

What makes you tick?

Living our highest selves, embracing mindfulness and conscious living. Working on myself spirituality and getting closer to who I am. When I am coming from that state of mind I am parenting the way I dream to and having interactions with my friends and co-workers the way I desire.

What does family mealtime look like? Any favourite dishes?

Because we were traveling it was a lot of eating out for the past two years as we have hardly been home, but we have eaten at some really special places! Now that we are more settled here, I love to cook Eggplant Parmigiana with baked cinnamon sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli with garlic and lemon.

What are your go-to toddler snacks?

Rice cakes and almond butter, baby tomatoes, organic gluten free crackers, sea salt popcorn

What do you do for “me-time”? 

I have a bath and I work on Your Zen Mama and Your Zen Life. I’ve recently started to exercise again which has been nice after not consistently doing it for two years!

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

Just that they grow up to be happy, self realised men who have a good concept of the world and are inspired to live in a conscious manner. I hope they really learn to cultivate self love, acceptance and celebration and that with that they go out in to the world projecting that kind of wholeness to those around them.

teresa palmer
Image via Instagram @teresapalmer

Hands down funniest mama moment you’ve encountered? 

I don’t think I have one in particular, I find that every day Bodhi does such funny things to crack me up. I always used to find epic poo explosions hilarious and right now he does this funny bum dance that always makes me laugh!

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