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We all love a good old day trip, and South Africa has no shortage when it comes to beautiful sights, only a short drive away. We decided to head west and pack a picnic basket for our day of frolicking and sightseeing. In a week or so it will be SA National Parks Week where most of the 21 parks will grant free access to day visitors.  We visited the West Coast National Park, a mere 1,5hour drive from Cape Town’s City Centre.

We left early, around 8, and when we got to the gate there was already a queue of people waiting….super sigh!  Luckily the staff is really efficient  and we did not wait long.  When we left at around 2pm there was, however, a queue for what seemed like kilometers.  the perfect meltdown scene, if you have kids. Try to get the early to avoid incoming traffic!

At first we weren’t sure if we teleported to a small cove in the South of France! The azure waters of the lagoon took our breath away! We opted for a beach picnic, but there are also beautiful designated braai camps with great views of the lagoon. There were clean toilet facilities and it was easy to reach. One of the parks main attractions is the flowers during August and September. We spotted bright patches of flowers but you have to travel a bit further to see the bulk of it! If your kids are up to it, it’s a must-see! If you are lucky, you might see some small game roaming the area! Heaven!

Other exciting things to do in the West Coast National Park


If you are geared to stay the night and if your kids are a bit older – why not do it in style? Kraalbaai Houseboats are permanently moored on the tranquil waters of the Langebaan Lagoon in the West Coast National Park, where Preekstoel (the Pulpit) watches over the serene surroundings.


Treat yourself to a stunning meal at the Geelbek restaurant. This popular and well-known restaurant is situated near the Langebaan lagoon, inside the West Coast National Park, in the old Geelbek main house. Taste our amazing heritage with fine yet traditional West Coast dining in a beautiful setting (some of the recipes being more than 300 years old!) Enjoy birds, sunshine and the views of flamingos while enjoying your food. The restaurant is family friendly and has a children’s obstacle course to keep the young ones entertained – (bonus!)


∇  We suggest purchasing a Wild Card. As a member of the new Wild Card Programme, you are entitled to one year’s unlimited access to Wild Conservation Partner Parks, Reserves and Resorts (Parks), based on the Cluster and Membership Category selected. With the variety of wonderful parks located in South Africa, this card will make your life so much easier!

∇  Get there early to miss the que and to find a nice, private spot on the beach! Also remember to pack the umbrella and sunscreen!

∇  Watch for whales in August and September from the Tsaarsbank section of the park!

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