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Wild Organics {Review}

Organic food is such a touchy subject.  There are people who feel it is too expensive, those who see you as an unfit parent for not going organic and research that shows that organic is not necessarily better for your child.  Information overload!  I choose to listen to what feels right to me as a parent.


I order a bag of organic produce from Wild Organics every week.  The produce is always seasonal, which means it tastes amazing, and is sourced  from local farmers committed to building the soil, respecting water resources and maintaining diversity.  My bag is delivered to my local deli at no extra cost on Wednesdays.  I am an advocate for supporting local business and community and me purchasing from Wild Organics does exactly that.  As a mom of two young boys shopping is not something that can be done freely, so if you combine time and cost efficiency it really is affordable.  I quite enjoy ordering a Standard Bag (R160) and then planning our weekly meals around what is in the bag.


So, do I only do organic?  Not at all!  I am a firm believer in finding  balance.  I feel good about supporting locally and will buy organic from local farmers, but will gladly shop at any supermarket as well.


What you buy matters!  Happy cooking…

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